In Conversation: Susan Early, Basketmaker

Susan Early

Susan Early, Basketmaker and 2012 QEST Garfield Weston Foundation Scholar What inspired you to take up basketmaking?I have always loved baskets and more than thirty years ago I joined my first workshoplearning to weave a basket. The whole process inspired me and I was excited to learn andcreate more. The traditional techniques used, the natural […]


Blakeman was born in Chipping Campden in 1907 in Wood House where the family had lived for several generations.  Blakeman’s  father, Francis, was gamekeeper on the Campden Estate and on his death when Blakeman was 12, the family had to leave the ‘tied ‘house.  He was provided with a house next to St Catherine’s School […]

All Campden’s a Stage: Theatre and the Guild of Handicraft

By Olivia Tracey 2022 marks 120 years since C. R. Ashbee and his wife Janet arrived in Chipping Campden with their Guild of Handicraft to start a new life ‘in Arcadia’. Through the reigns of six monarchs, Court Barn is celebrating the changes that have occurred from 1902 to 2022, as well as marking the […]

The Essex House Press: what made the books distinctive

Fine printing for its own sake: this was the ideal of the many private presses in Britain around 1900. Their owners relished the freedom to work by hand on cast-iron presses similar to the wooden press devised by Gutenberg in the fifteenth century. Hand-made paper – or even vellum (calf skin) – could be used, […]